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This is really like a studio for thoughts about GardenWorld and what is and how to get there, so,  continual experimentation. What you will find here are near daily reflections on the basic ideas in  GardenWorld Politics, on which I have started a major revision after four years.  Some of the posts here are little essays of mine, some are bringing good books together for a dialog,  a version of Machiavelli’s nighttime conversations with the mighty dead.

Because of my consulting with the Institute for New Economic Thinking my focus is on  how to bring the best of the humanities into, or surround,  economic thinking. We need to think about how to make the transition to a better world, and it can’t be done without a better understanding of people and their societies. The withdrawal of the middle class from the revolution of 1848 for example.  A better understanding of economics and politics  is crucial for GardenWorld Politics, and a better understanding of economics and economies requires a much richer conception of human nature. Searching for that understanding is a critical part of the approach

Bucky Fuller said “we have the world and six billion people. Putting them together is just a design problem.” So lets also study design.

Broad context for the posts.

updated  Dec 8 2014

What has my attention right now is the growing sense that nearly everyone, even youth and  the informally educated, share the view that the economy BROKEN and the politics to fix it is BROKEN. But the leaders persist in current policies because … they feel the need to hold together a coherent society and the see no alternative. So we are stuck.




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