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This is a true disaster

Iraq War Lives on as U.S. Conflict Fuels Debt

In this case, the mounting costs of health for vets. A bigger cost might be that the 2m who served had their lives perverted, and this can be a big burden on future public safety. It was the majority returning vets from Algeria that supported the French was in Indochina.Bush mistakes

  1. 1. Iraq
  2. 2. Tax breaks
  3. 3. no energy policy
  4. 4. no environmental policy
  5. and the big one, never to have realized that the job of President was running a government, not a spoils system.


This shows a new level of appreciation of the system. Doesn’t go to the Arrighi level, but its good.Dalio: "There Are No More Tools In The Tool Kit" – Complete Charlie Rose Transcript With The Head Of The World’s Biggest Hedge Fund

Then we have a remarkable article by Ken Rogoff, mr cool, on why maybe we shoud not make growth the main criteria. I think this is serious news, that he takes this position. It legitimates new thinkig fo r many economists. Will they even notice? Rethinking the Growth Imperative – Kenneth Rogoff – Project Syndicate

And a very solid historical thinker, also being wise here, but without any sense of solution.Why We Are Uneasy About Global Economy in 2012: Harold James

One thing to say about all these, they are rational in the better sense (fully human rather than technoid rationalism), and worth comparing to one’s own personal style. I’ve a lot to learn.

Which leads to the bad boy essay on why it is all so bad, to which I think I agree at every point, except rhetoric. 2012 Forecast: Bang and Whimper – Clusterfuck Nation

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